Automotive Industry

Redefining vehicle experiences digitally

Current Scenario

With a paradigm shift in technology across the globe, the Automotive industry is not anymore just about manufacturing assembly lines of motor vehicles or components.

Owing to rapid changes in consumer demand, emerging technological trends related to autonomous driving, mobility, social media, and analytics, the spotlight is now on offering innovative engineering marvels.

The automotive industry’s greatest challenge lies in reinventing themselves to be customer-centric while meeting stricter regulatory measures and intertwining software applications with sheer hardware products to create automobiles.

Our offerings

Our offerings

ERP Consulting

To be a strong player in the automotive industry, we help organizations implement ERP applications by analyzing their business operations and deploying relevant infrastructure/systems related to vendor service, inventory, delivery management, clientele services, and marketing operations.
Our ERP systems aim to help automotive manufacturers and dealers synchronize production processes at various stages and manage costs incurred:

  • Tracking product and client service quality to monitor the issues and resolve them for offering a high quality of automobiles and client relations
  • Efficient financial management systems to keep account of all transactions and dealings
  • Automobile maintenance systems to keep a complete record of the equipment or vehicle’s condition
  • Service management systems to offer clients after-sales support for meeting their requirements and censuring cross-sales

Enhancing client relationships – CRM

An invaluable tool in the automotive industry, Customer Relationship Systems and tools help automate working processes and ensure efficient communication between dealers, manufacturers, and clients.

We design CRM solutions that capture client’s purchase preferences and past wins, help maintain marketing efficiency, and give a clear cut-view of different sales and opportunities generated.

Through our end-to-end management consulting services and system integration expertise, we offer the following CRM functions:

  • Clientele database with the facility to record data on purchase expenditure, vehicle model and the stage of engagement with the company
  • Incorporating sales lead tracking and management system for referring to the client’s buying preferences and the entire sales cycle
  • Establishing customer invoice system and analytics reporting which tracks clientele’s behavioral characteristics
  • Integrating automated communication services to send congratulatory messages to clients, send reminders or intimation about processes
client relationship

Managing enterprise performance

Managing enterprise performance

With increasing pressure on innovation for Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, and dealers, data has arrived as the key play in the entire production and manufacturing cycle.

We help automotive organizations to digitize and devise strategy-based solutions that are invaluable for production, maintaining inventory, and running marketing campaigns. Here are some solutions which we offer to help automotive players realize their full potential through data and improve production and sales:

  • Analysis of the prior data of warranty repairs and common issues to identify upcoming failures
  • Devise apt financial schemes through analysis of client financial history in combination with demographics and geographic location
  • Analyzing equipment effectiveness to know how efficiently the manufacturing equipment is being leveraged
  • Help develop valuable insights into buyer profiles and vehicle sales

How does it benefit you?

  • Identifying specific pain points for apt business decisions and critical situation resolution
  • Easy cost-performance analysis by tracking and measuring key metrics
  • Real-time updates to clients in cases of repairs and new installations
  • Increased collaboration between manufacturers, distributors and other entities

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