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Current Scenario

In the changing digital landscape, Telecom service providers are at a cross-juncture with the boundaries blurring between communication and Information Technology. The advent of the smartphone revolution and mobile applications has shaped the next wave of consumerism.

With a high demand for data and network upgrades, digital service providers and OTT leaders now choose to engage directly with their client base. In this scenario, telecom solution providers have immense opportunities to emerge as critical communication infrastructure providers and establish connectivity for digital leaders and their clientele.

The need of the hour for Telecom service providers is to rise to the challenge and create top-notch client experience and generate new streams of revenue.

Our offerings

Our offerings

Application development and maintenance

Mobile applications play a prominent role in ensuring enhanced service delivery and higher customer engagement in the telecom sector. Through feature-rich and scalable apps, telecom service providers can offer consistent sales support, ensure crisis management, and offer effective reporting solutions.

We offer the following application development solutions to enable the above:

  • Identifying legacy applications and modernizing systems for the digitization that meets the rising customer requirements and cater to the dynamic business environment
  • Decreasing inventory costs through report generating systems and forecasting
  • Fusing development and operations to cater to the constantly evolving consumer needs
  • Managing time-to-market through the application development cycle through DevOps, third party tools, open-source technologies, and automation

Digital Transformation

Telecom, Media and Entertainment Service providers are increasingly leaning towards virtualizing their networks and operations while emerging as platform providers. We help the interconnectivity of multiple software platforms through our digital platform solution and ensure APIs to deliver services via external platforms.

Since Telecom providers are emerging as foremost enablers for OTT service providers, finance, health, retail, here are the solutions we offer:

  • Help open API platform for managing and offering a diverse product catalog
  • Integrating workflow systems and processes for TSP’s to be multi-service vendors
  • Minimizing delivery costs through low-touch processes, efficient platforms, and automation
Digital Transformation

Cloud Solution

Cloud Solutions

Telecom, Media and Entertainment providers employ cloud infrastructure to maintain and run applications to improve their services and get a competitive edge due to high agility and efficiency.

Telecom service providers are continually looking for reasonable alternatives to offer a wide range of services across various locations and devices. We offer the following:

  • Complete migration of application, data, and OS
  • Public, Private or Hybrid cloud provisioning
  • Roadmap for infrastructure management

How does it benefit you?

  • Helps maintain backup, and keep patient data confidential
  • Enables real-time data to improve health care and patients
  • Reduces downtime and ensuring interruption-free services
  • Cuts down medical errors and increased efficiency

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