Energy and Utilities Industry

Smart technology solutions for a green future

Current Scenario

With the increasingly stricter regulatory policies, the economic climate in flux, and the need for technical innovation, the Energy and Utilities sector is continuously evolving with Energy 4.0 becoming a reality. The Energy and Utilities sector must reinvent themselves with automation and data incorporated into their systems to increase efficiency, optimize production, and flexibility.

Also, the emphasis amidst industries, consumers, and policymakers is to move away from fossil fuels and adopt renewable energy sources. This brings forth a new set of opportunities and challenges which need to be supplemented by system-wide digitization for real-time monitoring and performance estimation.

The need of the hour is to develop a new energy ecosystem to lower operating expenses, reduce environmental impact and improve supply chain efficiency.

Our offerings

Our offerings

Business operations and Supply Chain Management

In the energy sector, industrial organizations are dependent on well-established networks across the organization and data collection and exchange.

Whether It be a plant operator compiling inferences on an equipment’s performance or accessing real-time, actionable insights, it is essential to have a well-connected, automated, and full-fledged system and network to ensure performance profitability.

We offer quality solutions that enable consistent access to data and applications for your workforce:

  • Interconnecting systems and applications that cut down time on compliance reporting and auditing
  • Offering readily available access to data, visualizations, and various statistics across the entire chain of workforce i.e., managers, business users, and engineers
  • Leveraging Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and mobility solutions for a high-quality user experience

Application and web development

With increasing competition for energy resources and a considerable dip in profits, industries have put pressure on the energy sector to enhance their operational excellence and workflows. There is a growing need for energy companies to enhance their product life cycle at a continuous pace.

We offer end-to-end customized solutions for organizations to deal with technology problems businesses face:

  • Designing and implementing fully functional knowledge management portals, business and employee portals, and websites
  • Design, develop and test software products like mobile apps and SaaS solutions
  • Ensuring agile transformation and streamlining workflows by building and launching applications which can be released with enhanced versions based on end-user feedback
Application and web development
Data Management

Data Management

One of the energy industry’s crucial factors is reporting, which involves tracking financial transactions, determining commodity pricing, and forecasting for timely decision-making and business insights. We, at Dijital Solutions, understand this requirement and offer the following solutions:

  • Analyzing data available to assess the feasibility of moving to the cloud
  • Ensuring data security and establishing compliance
  • Improving efficiency and developing customer-centric insights via data management

How does it benefit you?

  • Enabling real-time data capture and better decision-making
  • Improved safety standards and energy preservation
  • Higher customer engagement
  • Disaster management and recovery

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