Managed IT Services

Business Continuity with Managed IT Needs

IT industry is growing at high speeds, with new technology solutions and processes marking their foray now and then.

In this openly-competitive environment, gaining a competitive edge has become critical, and keeping the business running is the need of the hour.

As the focus is more on innovation and speed of delivery, it is quite logical that everything can’t be self-made or self-managed

This is where the concept of Managed IT Services emerged as third-party support to IT firms striving to keep their business running uninterrupted.

Defining Managed IT Services

Managed Services Offerings or Managed IT Services refers to the IT support services offered by a third-party, i.e., IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), who addresses some or all sorts of IT requirements. Managed IT services can happen on-demand, short term or on a contractual basis for a long-term duration.

In other words, this can also be explained as outsourcing a range of IT needs, including infrastructure, applications, security, and maintenance, to managed IT service providers.

Managed IT Service

IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

In a broader perspective, managed IT service providers can be categorized into:

Low-Level MSPs

Offer essential IT support services such as alerting, monitoring, and process continuity, with little focus on the IT business side and planning.

Medium Level MSPs

Beyond process continuity, disaster recovery and maintenance to enhancing scalability and further are part of this offering.

High-Level MSPs

Offer a complete set of managed services offerings at their facility, combining high-level and lower-level services.

Why Managed IT Services?

Increasing dependence on IT assets for improved business productivity and the demand for cloud-based managed services make Managed IT services need of the hour for most organizations.

USD 282 billion

Estimated size of the global Managed IT Services market by 2023


Businesses moved away from break-fix model


of the surveyed companies already use managed IT services


Cost savings on operational expenses with managed services

USD 7.9 Billion

Avg. cost of a data breach to a US company


Avg. number of failing hard drives per week in US IT firms

3.3 Billion

Estimated no. of records to fall under cyber threats in 2023


IT leaders report ‘lack of knowledge’ when it comes to cloud-related challenges

These numbers reiterate the significance of Managed IT Services in the current-day IT world.

Business Outcomes

With these wide range of managed IT services, MSPs promise organizations many business-side benefits such as:

  • Core Business Focus
  • Enhanced Security Posture
  • Technology Expertise
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Standardized Processes
  • Improved Responsiveness
  • Reduced IT Costs
  • Improved Business Continuity

Choosing a Right IT Managed Services Provider

In a competitive scenario, no organization will want to experiment with their business. Moreover, finding the best IT Managed Service Provider helps you avoid iterations that are often time consuming and cause re-spend.

Wait no more and find your strategic MSP to derive the desired results in no time.

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