Identity and Access Management Services

Secure Digital Assets With Identity Management

In the fast-emerging cyberspace, IT security continues to be the top challenge for organizations globally.

It has become a race against time to detect and resolve problems before they cause any harm to IT infrastructures.

Common challenges that are a matter of concern to the security teams include:

  • Increased volume of sophisticated cyber attacks
  • Enhanced business complexity of security environment
  • Overwhelming volume of threats
  • Hefty regulations and fines
  • Skill gaps in organizations struggling to fill cyber security roles

The growing digital adoption has indeed made Identity Management a Herculean task, paving the way to potential cybersecurity risks.

This is where the Identity and Access Management (IAM) services stand crucial!

Identity and Access Management (IAM) services

Why IAM as a Service?

As a critical part of the IT security discipline, identity management services refer to the framework, offerings, and solutions that help manage digital identities and access crucial resources.

IAM security services and solutions also perform provisioning and de-provisioning, authentication, and authorization of digital entities and resource access control. The core idea of IAM is to ensure the proper access to the right individual in the right context.

An Overview of Identity and Access Management Core Activities

An organization’s security policies led by IAM services, and solutions typically:

  • Identify users and assign perfect roles
  • Ensure systems, information and processes governed by IAM principles
  • Safeguard sensitive data, systems, and information
  • Add, remove and manage users and access rights
  • Undertake provisioning and de-provisioning of resources and entities

Our Approach

Dijital Solutions's approach to Identity and Access Management security services is built on core activities, namely, Access Management, Identity Management, Access Governance, and PAM, among others.

We take a three-step approach to Identity and Access Management services or IAM as a Service:







Through each of the above three steps, we execute ‘4E’s:

  • Elevate your organizational goals towards digital transformation
  • Enable end-users to access your resources and assets securely
  • Encourage your data strategies around revenue maximization, product innovation, and customer satisfaction
  • Enhance your identity management abilities in line with changing trends

Based on the outcomes, we execute a set of processes including:


Business Integration

We bring our subject-matter expertise for effective business integration.

Technology Integration

Implement the right technology that matches business objectives

Operational Integration

On-demand solutions to support post-deployment activities

Dijital Solutions Identity and Access Management Services Offerings

Dijital Solutions's IAM security services portfolio encompasses a wide range of solutions.

How Identity Management Services Benefit Your Business?

As a crucial aspect of cybersecurity management, Identity management services offer a wide range of business benefits, including:

  • Improved Security
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Effective Task Segregation
  • User Satisfaction
  • Right Technology Decision-making

IAM security services are crucial to any business today due to the rise of cybersecurity risks and the need to protect the user and organizational data.

It’s time to get one for your business!

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